The client’s satisfaction is the utmost priority. For this purpose highly qualified staff are essential.
For this reason our staff attend regularly training and permanent refresher courses. The regular checks carried out on all the working cycles ensure the possibility to provide services upon single customer’s requirements;
The Company’s organization enables operating on different types of products, materials , from the small order to large contracts.
Within the modern entrepreneurial scenario our Company distinguishes itself for an advanced model of product-service able to strengthen its competitiveness on the Italian and the European market, looking at the future with a decisive optimism.
Our designing and executing skills can be seen in all our products and the many Italian customers which have granted us their trust and preference are our best publicity.
We have invested in technology to optimize the working processes, invested in human resources to have the best professional people. These choices have satisfied the customer by giving him aimed and efficient solutions.
The flexibility carried out on both working on producing upon customer’s design and on the design support service, makes us particularly competitive. We can also make products according to processing systems recognized by International inspection bodies.
"Of course we have always invested in the quality of the product, trying to offer the best quality product at competitive prices. Moreover the almost daily check through the kanban method is essential for Scaligera Guarnizioni. In our case the recovery phase has occurred through a careful management of costs and services."