Values and goals
A responsible and thoughtful attitude towards the resources we employ ensures a high level of profitability. Our task is based on the principles of loyalty and team spirit, not only inside the Company, but also particularly towards our customers.
We think
- that our job is to, above all, meet the customer’s expectations: an achieved and constantly kept goal;
- that, much before the finished product, we must offer solutions;
- that we must meet all requirements, from the most complicated to the easiest ones;
- that having an open attitude to the new technologies helps customers in their job and us to achieve it. This is why a percentage of our turnover is constantly invested in that field;
- that a perfect synergy with the customer enables us to stand beside them step by step;
- that observance of the delivery terms is a resource for the customer;
- that a careful choice of the materials and of the suppliers enables us to work better and obtain quality products;
- that the tests and the quality controls on our products must be constant and strict so that we can supply products guaranteed beyond the constraints of law;
- that keeping alive commitment and reliability makes us preferential suppliers.
The key points of our Corporate philosophy are and can be seen in a well done job, in the agreed terms and times.